Successful Meridian/Lauderdale County Auction!

In the Meridian/Lauderdale County auction there were 159 parcels worth $586,000 listed. The auction lasted from February 28 thru March 21st at noon. Starting at 1:00 PM the bids were opened and read aloud as:

parcels listed for bid worth $586,000
City 117 parcels worth $505,000
County 42 parcels worth $81,000

183 bids received
City 60 parcels
County 41 parcels

The amount offered for the winning bids:

City 60 parcels totaling - $42,702.63
County 41 parcels totaling - $20,235.55

The winning bidders will be notified via mail. Once notice is received they will have fifteen (15) days to submit payment in full. No partial payments will be accepted. Please allow 60 days for this process to be completed.

List of Winning Bidders

If you have questions, call (601-359-5156).
Bids must be made by an individual or individuals. By law, corporations, nonresident aliens or associations composed in whole or in part of nonresident aliens may not bid.