Business Services | Fees and Forms


Athlete Agents
  Form Name Instructions Form Filing Fee
F0091 Application for Registration or Renewal of Athlete Agent  View instructions for Form F0091. View Form F0091 in PDF format. $200 
        $200 – Renewal Fee
Trade and Service marks
  Form Name Instructions Form Filing Fee
F0023 Application to Register or Renew Trade and Service Marks  View instructions for Form F0023. View Form F0023 in PDF format. $50 – Resident
$60 – Non-resident 
F0024 Trade and Service Mark Assignment  View instructions for Form F0024. View Form F0024 in PDF format. $50 
Polygraph Examiners
  Form Name   Form  
P001 Polygraph Examiners Registration   View Form fP001 in PDF format.  
Carnivals and Fairs
  Form Name   Form  
C001 Carnivals and Fair Application   View Form FC001 in PDF format.  
Trade Names    
  Form Name Instructions Form  Filing Fee
F0070 Fictitious Business Name Registration View instructions for Form F0070. View Form F0070 in PDF format.  $25
F0071 Fictitious Business Name Amendment View instructions for Form F0071. View Form F0071 in PDF format.  $25
F0072 Withdrawal of Fictitious Business Name View instructions for Form F0072. View Form F0072 in PDF format.  $25
F0073 Fictitious Business Name Assignment View instructions for Form F0073. View Form F0073 in PDF format.  $25