Public Lands | Conservation Summit

 On May 11, 2010, the Secretary of State’s Office convened a forum to discuss the conservation of wildlife and natural resources located on Public School Trust Lands, commonly called 16th Section Lands.  A survey of hunting and fishing lessees was conducted and the results tallied in advance of the meeting. The materials presented at the Conservation Summit and prepared for the summit are available for viewing below.


Summary Items:

Executive Summary

Secretary of State Hunting Lessee Survey Results



Lessee Survey Form




Summit Materials:




-C. Delbert Hosemann, Secretary of State

Secretary of State Materials

Forestry Commission Presentation

-Charlie Morgan, MS State Forester

-Richard McInnis, District Forester

Forestry Commission Materials

Breakout Sessions:



-Deer Habitat

Dr. Steve Demarais, MSU

Deer Habitat Materials

-Turkey Habitat

Luke Lewis, National Wild Turkey Federation

Turkay Habitat Materials

-Duck Habitat

Rick Kaminski, MSU

Duck Habitat Materials (Kaminski)

Tim Willis, Ducks Unlimited



Duck Habitat Materials (Willis)


Ed Penny, Miss. Dept. Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks


Duck Habitat Materials (Penny)

Concluding Presentations



-16th Section Land Survey

Dr. Ian Munn, MSU



16th Section Survey Materials (Munn)

-Marketing 16th Section Properties

Peter Marks, Maris, West & Baker


16th Section Marketing Materials (Marks)

-Youth Hunting Initiative and Involvement

Justin Thayer, Miss. Dept. Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks


Youth Hunting Materials (Thayer)

The Secretary of State thankfully acknowledges the contributions and participation of the featured speakers above and the organizations they represent. We would also like to thank John Gruchy with the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks for his general assistance; Kevin Hunt with Mississippi State University for his advice on the Hunting Lessee Survey; the Mississippi Department of Agriculture for use of the history museum grounds; and the many people who participated in the Summit