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Corporation Laws Study Group


C. Joyce Hall
Watkins & Eager, PLLC

Barry K. Jones
Wise Carter Child & Caraway, PA

The Secretary of State formed the Corporations Law Study Group in June 2011 to review Mississippi’s corporation laws. The Group was composed of business leaders and lawyers from across the State. The Group’s primary objective was to recommend changes to existing laws which would encourage companies to move their corporate headquarters to Mississippi.

The Corporations Laws Study Group recommended four legislative proposals introduced in the Mississippi Legislature in 2012: (1) Amendments to the Mississippi Business Corporation Act; (2) an Employee Pass Through Tax Credit; (3) a Headquarters Relocation Tax Credit; and (4) an Expansion Relocation Tax Credit. For the agenda, minutes, and materials distributed to the Corporations Laws Study Group at each meeting, please visit the links below.

Corporations Study Group Meeting #1 (June 08, 2011)

Corporations Study Group Meeting #2 (July 06, 2011)

Corporations Study Group Meeting #3 (August 11, 2011)

Corporations Study Group Meeting #4 (August 25, 2011)

Corporations Study Group Meeting #5 (September 08, 2011)