Public Lands | Administrative Rules

V. The Application Process.

A. Review by the Secretary of State. Applications shall be reviewed by the Secretary of State to determine if they have been fully and accurately completed and are accompanied by proper payment. Applications determined to be incomplete, illegible or defective shall be returned to the applicant with written reasons for said return.

B. Applications determined to be complete and accepted shall be stamped, marking the date of receipt and processed in the order in which they are received. Miss. Code Ann. § 29-1-37. (But note Rule IV, Rule V D. and Rule VII.)

1. The property described in the application shall be located in the County Sales Book to verify state ownership.

a. The applicant shall be notified if the property does not appear in the County Sales Book, if the property descriptions do not match precisely, or if the property has been sold.

2. The Secretary of State shall verify that the applicant is eligible pursuant to Rule III A. However, the following persons are excepted from the 160 acre per year limitation set forth in Rule III A. 4. (Miss. Code Ann. § 29-1-73):

a. Original owner, his heirs, and executors or administrators;

b. The mortgagee of the land at the time that the title matures in the State;

c. Board of drainage commissioners of any drainage district in the purchase of lands situated in such drainage district; and

d. The United States government under the provisions of laws authorizing the sale of such lands.