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The Securities and Charities Division is responsible for the registration and regulation of all charitable organizations and fundraisers who solicit contributions in Mississippi. The division is also responsible for the investigation of charity complaints and/or violations to the State’s charitable laws.

Each year, the Secretary of State’s office kicks off a “Check your Charities” campaign during the holiday season.  We encourage Mississippians to check their charities with the Secretary of State’s Office before they donate.  Mississippians are some of the most generous in the nation, and we urge you to check your charity to ensure your hard earned dollars are wisely spent.

Our website breaks down the percentage of funds expended for the intended charitable purpose.  To search the financial information of your charity on our website, click here .

Because of Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann’s strong commitment to ensuring Mississippi donors have the most knowledge available in charitable giving, the Office of the Secretary of State helped draft new Non-Profit/Charities legislation, which was adopted by the State Legislature and signed by Governor Haley Barbour during the 2009 Legislative Session.

The Non-Profit/Charities Act of 2009 not only eases the regulatory burdens on charities but also strengthens the agency’s ability to enforce laws against dishonest charities. These changes include increasing the annual revenue threshold for charity registration with the Office of the Mississippi Secretary of State from $4,000 per year to $25,000 per year. This law also expands the Securities and Charities Division’s authority by allowing our Office to subpoena witnesses and documents during investigations and to bring actions in Chancery Court to stop illegal activities, collect fines, and remove charitable corporate status.

Through the strong enforcement of the Non-Profit/Charities Act, the good names of strong charitable organizations are protected, and Mississippi donors can have more confidence in their charitable giving.