The Scrap Metal Unit is responsible for the registration of Scrap Metal Dealers in Mississippi. The Division enforces the Mississippi Scrap Metal Property Dealer Registration Act. Implemented in 2008, the act is the first of its kind in the Country. Strong enforcement of this act deters metal theft and serves to protect the Scrap Metal industry.

Unless exempt, Scrap Metal Dealers who pay compensation for scrap metal are required to register with the Division. All Scrap Metal Processors, those whose business it is to return scrap metal to or convert it into a raw material product, must register with the Division. Questions about registration can be directed to the Division at 601-359-9055.

Registration is valid for two years from the date on the Certificate of Registration issued to the Dealer or Dealer/Processors must register online and report customer transactions online with the Secretary's Only dealers who have applied for and granted a waiver can may register manually and maintain paper copies of customer transactions.​