Tuesday, February 2, 2021


JACKSON – Pursuant to Mississippi Code Section 23-15-817, the Secretary of State’s Office is required to publish a list of all candidates for the Statewide or Legislative Office who failed to file a campaign disclosure report by the dates specified in Section 23-15-807(b).

Individuals who failed to timely file their campaign finance report by 5 p.m. on Friday, January 29, 2021, and still have not filed their report to date include:

Addie Lee Green

Adrienne Wooten

Albert Butler

Andre' R. De'Berry

Arquillas Coleman

Ashley Henley

Barbara Rose Brooks

Bill Denny

Bryant Clark

Carlton E. Smith

Cassandra Welchlin

Charlie Roberts

Chris Massey

Cindy Shivers Bryan

Credell Calhoun

David Michael Chism

David Wayne Morgan

Deborah Butler Dixon

Deborah Jeanne Dawkins

Dixie Newman

Doug Adams

Fabian  Nelson

Felicia Tripp

Felix O. Gines

Gary Fredericks

Gary Jackson

Gary Wayne Lennep

Gregory L Divinity

Gregory T. Riley

Hunter Dawkins

Jarvis Dortch

Jeffrey C. (Jeff) Smith

Jeffrey Mitchell

Jim Ellington

Jimmy Wayne Russell

John Faulkner

John Glen Corley

John Marshall Alexander

Joshua Adam Davis

Kathryn Orey Perry

Kegan Coleman

Kevin W. Frye

Kimberly Remak

Kimberlyn Seals

Levon  Murphy, Jr.

Mark Hancock

Marvin Hightower

Maryra Hodges Hunt

Matt Brewer

Matt Williams

Matthew Reese Conoly

Morris Mock

Pamela J. Denham

Prentiss E Smith

Ramona Q. Blackledge

Ric McCluskey

Rickey L. Cole

Rita Wilkinson Goss

Robbins Ellis Rogers

Robert Coleman Lee, Jr

Ron Swindall

Ron Williams

Roun S. McNeal

Roy May

Ruffin Smith

Sally Doty

Sara Richardson Thomas

Shabaka Keshun Harrison

Solomon Curtis Osborne

Stacey E. Pickering

Stephanie Skipper

Steve Eaton

Tammy Cotton

Tasha Dillon

Tavarris K. Cross, Sr.

Terrence Edison

Theresa Gillespie Isom

Tim Tucker

Toby Barker

Tony Lawrence

Trey Harvison

Troy D. Brown, Sr.

Vance Cox

Vicki Slater 

Wendy McDonald

William David Sones

Individuals who failed to timely file their campaign finance report by 5 p.m. on Friday, January 29, 2021, but have since filed with the Secretary of State’s Office include:

Angela Turner Ford

Albert Butler

Cedric (Bam Bam) Burnett

Cheikh Taylor

Cindy Hyde-Smith

Daryl L. Porter, Jr.

Earle S. Banks

Hob Bryan

Jay McKnight

Jeffery Harness

Jenifer Branning

Jeramey Anderson

Joseph (Bubba) Tubb

Kathryn Rehner

Kathy Sykes

Melanie Sojouner

Otis L. Anthony

Rita Potts Parks

Scott Delano

Tammy Witherspoon

Trey Lamar

Vicky Rose

William Tracy Arnold

Zakiya Summers

For more information about campaign finance requirements, visit the Secretary of State’s Elections Division Campaign Finance webpage