Monday, November 6, 2023

General Election Day - November 7

JACKSON, Miss. – Mississippi's General Election Day is tomorrow! The November 7 ballot features statewide, state district, county, and county district offices.

To familiarize yourself with the upcoming election, visit the My Election Day portal to receive election information tailored to your specific address.

Polls for the General Election will open at 7:00 a.m. and close at 7:00 p.m. Any voter in line at 7:00 p.m. is legally entitled to cast a ballot. 

Problems at the polls observed by State observers or otherwise reported to our Elections Division will be referred to the authorities, including the Attorney General’s Office or the appropriate District Attorney’s Office. As a reminder, the Secretary of State’s Office has no enforcement authority over election-related issues.

For elections questions, call the Elections Division at (800) 829-6786, email, or visit



  • Mail-In Absentee Voting Deadline: All mail-in absentee ballots must be postmarked by November 7 and received by county Circuit Clerk Offices by November 15 in order to count. 
  • Voter ID Affidavit Ballot Deadline: Voters who cast an affidavit ballot by reason of voter ID must present an acceptable form of photo ID to their Circuit Clerk's Office by November 15.
  • Polling Place Location: Visit the polling place locator on the My Election Day portal, or contact your county Circuit Clerk’s Office or local Election Commissioners to verify your polling place. 
  • Voter Photo ID: Voters are required to show photo identification at the polls.  A voter without an acceptable form of photo identification is entitled to cast an affidavit ballot (no voter is ever refused the right to vote). 
  • Campaigning: It is unlawful to campaign for any candidate within 150 feet of any entrance to a polling place, unless on private property. 
  • Loitering: The polling places should be clear for 30 feet from every entrance of all people except elections officials, voters waiting to vote, or authorized poll watchers.
  • Camera Phones: Voters are prohibited from taking pictures of their marked ballot.



  • Our office will not announce unofficial election results. As always, we will only announce and post certified election results submitted to our office by the counties.
  • Election Commissioners have ten (10) calendar days from Election Day to file certified results with our office.  
  • All certified election results from the 2023 Election Cycle will be available on our website
  • Counties may announce unofficial totals as the results come in from each precinct on Election Day and as absentee ballots are tallied on Election Night. While these results are generally reliable, it is important to remember any results reported the night of the election are not considered official, certified election results. 
  • In General Elections, the vote requirements varies slightly. Since Mississippi voters approved, H.C.R. 47 in the 2020 General Election, candidates for statewide offices must now receive a majority of the vote in the General Election. Candidates for state district offices, countywide offices, and county district offices must receive a plurality of the vote, except for county election commissioners and county school board, which must also receive a majority of the vote.