Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Municipal General Election Day: Post-Election Day Update

Jackson, MS –  The Mississippi Secretary of State's Office fielded approximately 430 calls to our Elections Hotline during Tuesday's Municipal General Election Day. Most of the calls received Election Day afternoon related to mask requirements, affidavit ballots, and weather conditions for precincts in north Mississippi. Additionally, we're pleased to report our Cybersecurity team detected no abnormal activity on our websites or the Statewide Election Management System (SEMS) during Election Day.

Secretary Watson


    "Overall, we had a rather smooth General Municipal Election Day," said Secretary Michael Watson. "The credit belongs to the municipal clerks, election commissioners,  and poll managers who worked tirelessly to make sure Mississippians’ voices were heard."
"I also need to thank Kyle Kirkpatrick and his crew in our Elections Division, and Mark Scutch and his crew in our Technology Services Division for manning the phones and IT systems to assist the numerous calls for assistance we received. We’ll be following up on each allegation to make sure they, if proven to be true, are prosecuted to the fullest extent by the local District Attorneys."




After our mid-day update, our office received reports of the following allegations at specific polling places across the state:

  • Voters were not required to sign a receipt book for a portion of Election Day;
  • Managers failed to initial ballots at a polling place for a portion of Election Day;

Election allegations previously reported:

  • Absentee ballots not available for the full absentee voting period in a municipality;
  • An absentee ballot box left unsealed for an undetermined amount of time;
  • A Municipal Clerk did not provide absentee ballot applications;
  • Voters barred from a polling place for not wearing a mask;
  • Violations of election laws

Our office, if warranted, referred all issues reported to the proper authorities, including the Attorney General’s Office or appropriate District Attorney’s Office, as our office has no enforcement authority.
General Election Day marked the conclusion of the 2021 Municipal Election Cycle. The candidate with the most votes, not the majority, shall be declared the winner of each race. In the event there is a tie between two or more candidates, "the election shall be decided by a toss of a coin or by lot fairly and publicly drawn under the direction of the election commissioners." (Miss. Code. Ann. § 23-15-611 (West))

As a reminder, any voter who cast an affidavit ballot on Municipal General Election Day because the voter did not have an acceptable form of photo ID must visit their local Municipal Clerk's Office by Tuesday, June 15, 2021, to show an acceptable form of photo identification. 

Municipalities have until June 18th to send certified results from general elections to our office. As always, certified results will be posted on the Elections Results tab of our website.

For more information about state election laws or Mississippi elections, visit Y'all Vote or call the Elections Division Hotline at