Tax-forfeited properties have certified from the respective county Chancery Clerk and are currently listed and available for sale through the Secretary of State’s office. You may complete your application online by clicking here. The application process will take a minimum of 60 – 90 days.

Individuals and corporations may purchase tax-forfeited property, except nonresident aliens and any associations composed in whole or part of nonresident aliens are limited to purchasing and holding not more than five (5) acres of tax-forfeited land for residential purposes or more than three hundred twenty (320) acres for industrial development.​

The state’s tax-forfeited property is customarily offered to the applicant at 50% of the current market value. The market value is determined by the tax assessor’s office in the county in which the property is located. The offer price may vary, depending on the condition of the property. If the property is blighted (see Glossary of Terms), it may be offered at 25% of the value. Percentage estimations are compared to the amount of the back taxes through the current year. All offers made by the applicants are considered as well. Whichever of the amounts is greater is the amount for which the State will set the offer.

For a​​ssistance please call 601-359-5156