THE CAPITAL AREA 237 KLLM TRANSPORT SERVICES KLLM Transport Services began as KLM, Inc., under the ownership of Tom Kobuke, W. J. Liles, B. C. Lee, and Henry Moudy. In 1986, Liles and Lee made the company public under the name KLLM. KLLM was incorporated as a wholly owned subsidiary of KLLM Transport Services. The company originally transported exempt commodities and then began hauling regulated commodities in 1982. In 2000, the company became private again under the leadership of Jack Liles and Bernard Ebbers. KLLM was purchased by Duff Brothers Financial in 2008 and in 2013, the Duff’s purchased Frozen Food Express Industries, Inc. Frozen Food Express combined with KLLM is one of the largest refrigerated carriers in the United States and their freight movements cover across the forty-eight contiguous states and Canada. KLLM is a leader in customer service and technology and is continuously expanding. They provide transport services for many of the country’s Fortune 500 manufacturers and producers. PHOTOS COURTESY OF KLLM TRANSPORT SERVICES, LLC