THE DELTA 315 THE DELTA 315 BBQ AND KIBBIE Abe’s BBQ in Clarksdale was founded and continues to be run by a Lebanese immigrant family who have made the restaurant one of the most popular in the state. Sitting on the edge of the Crossroads where Robert Johnson sold his soul to the devil, Abe’s has been a symbol of community uniting over a love of good food since 1924. PHOTO BY GREG CAMPBELL BLUE & WHITE The Blue and White restaurant was founded in 1924, later moved to sit on the edge of Highway 61, and continues to provide home-cooked Southern food. The restaurant was originally part of a newsstand, bus stop, and service station and continues to be a popular local eating spot with both locals, tourists, and casino visitors. REX THEATER IN LELAND Segregation was a way of life around the world for thousands of years. The abolition of slavery in America in 1865 was the first step in reaching equality, and the civil rights movement of the 1960s went even further in accomplishing the desegregation of schools, equality in voting, and changing perceptions of society’s functioning. PHOTO COURTESY OF MISSISSIPPI DEPARTMENT OF ARCHIVES AND HISTORY PHOTO BY GREG CAMPBELL