2011 TORNADOS Deadly tornados touched down in many states in the southeastern United States in April 2011. Tupelo was among one of the cities severely damaged in the EF5 tornado that hit Smithville. Fourteen people in Smithville died in the tornado, with the death toll passing thirty in all of Mississippi. Across the seven states that saw more than 230 tornados touch down, more than 300 people were killed. Sections of the Natchez Trace were damaged, as wind speeds reached 200 miles per hour. 2014 TORNADOS A mile-wide tornado hit Tupelo in April 2014, producing winds of more than 170 miles per hour. The same storm produced other tornados around the state, injuring many people, and killing a total of seven people in Mississippi and three people in Tupelo. Many homes and businesses were partially or completely destroyed as the EF3 storm passed through the area. PHOTOS COURTESY OF THE NORTHEAST MISSISSIPPI DAILY JOURNAL THE NORTHEAST CORNER 405